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Study in USA

Top Universities in the USA

Pathway to Studying in the USA:

  • Education in the U.S. follows a pattern similar to other countries:
  • Early childhood (or pre-kindergarten) education
  • Primary (or elementary) school
  • Middle (or junior high) school
  • Secondary (or high) school
  • Postsecondary (college, career, or technical schools) education

Most education policy is decided at the state and local levels. The federal government part in edification is restricted, but the Department of Education:

  • Provides federal financial aid for education and monitors those funds
  • Collects data on America's schools and reports findings
  • Focuses national attention on key educational laws and issues
  • Prohibits discrimination and ensures equal access to education
  • Works to improve teaching performance
  • The number of years for studying a specific level varies:
  • Associate Degree: 2 Years
  • Bachelors: 4 Years
  • Masters: 1-3 Years
  • Doctorate Degree: 4-6 Years

Top Courses in the USA

The world class studies have diversity in the fields offered. Here are the Top fields of studies, from which a student can choose: some of the most popular courses international students in the US tend to enrol in are

Higher education institutions in the US offer some of the most diverse and interesting of courses – there’s something for everyone, in the US..United States (US) attracts the highest number of international students in the world, approximating more than 1 million per year.

Entry Requirements for USA Universities

  • O Level with a minimum of 4 passes
  • A Level with a minimum of 2 passes
  • Completion of the SAT/ACT tests
  • Completion of the TOEFL test
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • good grades in previous academic study
  • You may have the option to join an undergraduate pathway program if your GPA does not qualify you for entry directly to a bachelor’s degree.

  • Our admissions team will be happy to advise you on the specific entry requirements for the pathway or program you wish to apply for. Contact one of our advisorsy.

How to get study Permit

The world class studies have diversity in the fields offered. Here are the Top fields of studies, from which a student can choose:

  1. - Submit your application through EDUCOM
  2. - Submit your application through EDUCOM
  3. - Select from the options provided by EDUCOM for you.
  4. - Apply to the selected one by you.
  5. - Receive confirmation on Application.
  6. - Complete requirements
  7. - Apply for visa
  8. - Get the Approval
  9. - Fly to USA

- EDUCOM will help the process of your application to a USA institution. Make sure you detail why you want to study in the US, all the English Language tests you’ve taken, and why you want to study internationally instead of in your own country.

After Study Opportunities in USA

if you think that you want to stay and work in the United States after completing your undergraduate degree, make sure that you know your visa requirements and restrictions. Navigating the American immigration process is often stressful and confusing because there are as many types of visas. The eligibility requirements and legal rulings are constantly changing, which does not make the process any easier.

Here are a few of the most common options applicable to graduates.

  1. - Practical Training on an F1 Visa
  2. - Non-Immigrant H3 Visa (Trainee)
  3. - Non-Immigrant H-1B Visa Specialty Occupation
  4. - Non-Immigrant R-1 Visa Religious Worker
  5. - Non-Immigrant E1/E2 Visa
  6. - Non-Immigrant L-1 Visa
  7. - Non-Immigrant Obtaining a Green Card
  8. - Employment Based Immigration

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